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لقاء صحفي مع الكنزبرا هيثم سعيد / Sabiilerin Spiritual Leader to Give Lectures in Mardin



Sabiilerin Spiritual Leader to Give Lectures in Mardin
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Student will receive next year for the Faculty of Theology, University of Mardin Artuqid lecturer continues to take the different religions.
 University faculty of theology for the coming year, the student will Artuqid Mardin different religions continues to take an instructor. Agreement with the representatives of Christianity and religion in Mardin for Yezidism Sdney university professor from the University of the leaders of the spiritual faith Brikha Nasoraia now reached an agreement with the Sabi. Prof. Nasoraia, as well as the academic title at the same time, the total number of world dignitaries, one of 50 thousand finds Sabiilerin religion in the world 5.
As well as Arabic and English-speaking Prof.Nasoria Aremice'yi very good 'la reporter met through the university's International Relations Office, Muzaffer Pasaoglu. Nasoria, Sabiiliğin monotheistic religions of Judaism and Christianity, such as the one mentioned in the Quran, he said. Mardin Artuqid University in Australia stating that lived about 20 thousand Sabii'nin Nasoria, "I came here from the University of Sydney. Here you will work as a specialist in Aramaic Language and Literature and Religious Sabi. Faculty of Theology in the coming year, students will take courses in comparative religions, I will give. At the same time I have my work on ancient manuscripts. "He said.
He is married and has two children at the same time the 47-year-old professor in the religion of the priests, which is above Brikha Nasoria Sabi Ganzibra a pastor's degree. All need every day at the university, such as the Sabie Nasoria both at home is always wearing a white dress, called Rasta. In addition to the Sabi Nasoria Rasta'ya as chaplains, also uses some special items. Among these, most importantly, the right hand carried a small gold ring on his finger.
Academic studies are concentrated on the Middle East prefer to Mardin Nasoria indicating that, "In this context, religion, history and politics of my research fields. Work in this area is one of the slots that make up the main geographical regions. Harran, and Mardin from the Odessa region, and it is a book I wrote a lot of interest. Consists of a newly created opportunity to study at university when I decided to use it and to the university contacted. I had previously offered in many universities, but all of them have chosen to rotate it back to Mardin. One of the main features that caused me come here, the college and university students, experience and information transfer ellerimdeki faith. Western and eastern culture, nurtured, and informational experiences to college students here in the belief that employees carry ulaştırabileceğim friends. I see this as a business than a humanitarian mission. This mentality, of course, these studies established a new university will be a step to reach the level of other universities in the world. I believe we will accomplish it with our friends when I was at work here. "He said.
FLOWING WATER ONLY drinking fountain
Thousands of miles away in Mardin, where the traditions of their faith and draws one to one practice, the difficulty of living in the first few days it Nasoria alıştığını saying, "At the same time, a religious man. This is the result of the manifestation of the traditional religions always wear white. We have to dress all white. This is also the cleanliness, the symbol of peace and love. And as the wise man. We tap water, fountain, water flowing in a natural way instead of just storing it in containers içebiliyoruz blessed. Baptism is a river flowing to the yıkanıyoruz. The first few days after an investigation it did not feel like more trouble. We have enough names to have the juice drink. "He said.
            "In fact, it appears to be very difficult, but you'll notice is how natural uygulayınca." Nasoria said, they are Adam, Noah and John the Baptist way of life, way of life are working to implement the same, he said. Natural fountains flowing water, they saw the secret of life and at the same time as the light source Nasoria explaining, "We also believe that people light their determined relations between world and heaven. And it would be baptized, and wash with running water for the people of this. "He said.
"I feel at home"
Sabiilerin 2 thousand years ago, because it is the homeland of Mardin is attracting foreign Nasoria describing, description, went on:
"This is one of the inhabitants of the city's most important features is a very good-hearted. Anyone here to help others and love to go to the fore with yardımseverlikleri. Asaletlerini own tradition as well as the traditions of a community structure that protects. Konuştuklarına various languages ​​that I witnessed that this is a very nice feature. And very clearly, greeted by people in this region. Especially when they see a man wearing a white felt their convenience. One of the reasons that many different religions in Mardin etmemdeki preferred. Here I certainly do not feel yapancılık. I return to my home as I see here. Because Sabiiler 2 thousand years ago were living in these regions. And a long time, these areas saw as their homeland. I feel among my relatives. "
Information about Sabilikle
Sabiiler'in religious life has been taken under strict discipline rules. Must pray for the salvation of the soul. Among the most important acts of worship Sabi baptism. "Masbuta", "Tamaşa" and "Rişama" three kinds of formats are baptized. Definitely needs to be done in a stream of baptism. Sabiiler, streams, and they will see the light associated with the Universe "Life Water" I refer. Made after death "Masiqta" at the ceremony, the deceased person's soul is to reach the light at Evreni'ne. This ceremony will be special dishes prepared by the clergy, is defeated through certain rituals.
Three times during the day and night two times a day to pray at certain times. These prayers are performed turn north faces.
Certain days of the year, and such days are considered unlucky not to work, take care not to out. Jump for joy at certain days of the year. The most important holidays, which is a kind of spring festival, is celebrated for five days, "Panja" or "Parvania" festival.
Lead a life of seclusion in the form of pulling the plug on Sabiiler'de world applications are not available. Although the world was created by the evil powers inansalar the marriage, having children or starting a business such as the events put a lot.
Sabiiler temples "Mandi" to give the name. Temples, usually near a river, facing the north, the south side of the door with a small, windowless, flat consists of a hut. This river connects the building has a small baptismal pool. Do not have any seats in the temple or ornament, and is here to worship.
There is no social castes Sabiiler'de not distinct, separated by dashes. However, the community is located within the religious ceremonies that manages a group of clergy. Pure bodily form as a solid, not everyone's descendants to return to a perversion of religion, or religion may be the man. However, in practice a profession passing from father to son like cloth.
Has a hierarchical structure consisting of four degrees cloth. Assistant clergy "Aşganda" is called. Normal religious men "Tarmida" is called. "Ganzibra" the degree of the priesthood is the level of the local chief. The highest degree, "RişAma is called" community leader and former means.
All members of the community which is the holy dress "Rasta" t always have to wear. Dreadlocks, a white dress. The clergy, Rasta'ya In addition, the use of some special items. Among these, most importantly, the right hand little finger, a gold ring that moved. In addition, a wand made of olive branches, the deal will close the mouth and nose wrapped in a white turban, and her hair wrapped in a ribbon tie back to Number. Only the clergy giyebildikleri these objects are embedded with the cleric's death itself.
There is a religious ceremony for members of the community agree. Anyone born in a family of Sabi is considered to be a member of the community's natural. Sabi community acceptance of a person not born in the mother or the father is impossible.
Each community's name is a worldly, there are two names to be called a secret. Hidden name, birth is a result of astrological calculations made by the clergy. This secret name is used only in religious ceremonies, and among community members.
The most important duty of every member of the community to comply with the privacy policy. Any rule or doctrine of the religion of Sabi Sabi is considered the greatest sin is to transfer those without

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