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Mandaean Questions and Answers / Hamid Al Saudi


Re-print Ravi Yasser Nizar Haidar / 2008 
On behalf of the living great

We are far away from our motherland and our religious and our surroundings Social born and grew up in, and we have to think first and foremost, the future of our sons and daughters who have moved away from those centers and the ocean at a young age did they have the chance to live or live with the community which served as the school We have received them from manholes religious knowledge without feeling or doing that the effort is usually a student at the school.
Although the outcome of what we have learned are very few, and this issue causes many, but despite the lack of religious information come out, it remains much more information to be retained in the new generation of our sons and our daughters, if left as they are of non-intervention Fathers and mothers directing them and teach them .... hence the idea of ​​writing this little pamphlet perhaps help parents in their mission, and perhaps also meets the required purpose during this period took the Agterb
A lot of Mandaean families that after their arrival here in Europe I felt it in dire need of knowledge and religious culture.
What is meant by knowledge here is to know at least basic principles and how to answer the simplest things so that sons and daughters to face the questions and cross out of the debates that are often encountered, and they are exposed in schools and workplaces.
And so the information is not a heavy burden on the reader, I thought I put the form and specific questions and answers are very concise and expressive, to be easy to read and memorize At the same time fulfill the required purpose.
I hope of our sons and our daughters loved ones dear to study this brochure and save it to know a simple weapon, perhaps helping them avoid the embarrassment that might be attempted with some taking advantage of their familiarity with the simplest of matters relating to their religion the old ... And an excuse for others who find this information very simple for them to say that I recently finished writing a book values, hoping to be reprinted soon to be a comprehensive reference which the reader finds a lot of useful information as long as you wait too long. I ask the eternal great neighborhood that we all help us to serve the Mandaean families have decent, God grants success. 

Hamid Nazal Al saudi

 Q 1: What is your religion?
A: I Sabea Mandaean.
Q 2: What does this mean religion?
A: The Sabian Mandaean religion, religion is the first I knew of God and unity, so follow this religion known Palmarafaan or Gnostics.
Q 3: What do you mean the first religion?
A: The Sabean Mandaean religion is due to the time of Prophet Adam (p), where he was the first to know God and God alone has been down (the Almighty) is the first known celestial newspapers newspapers Adam and maintained by the Mandaeans to this day.
Q 4: Who is your prophet?
A: different religion Alsabih Mandaean for the rest of the other religions that have more than a prophet, and this is due to travel long enjoyed by this religion and its long history and long stages of successive experienced by mankind, and fluctuations experienced by communities, which required Send a prophet for each time period than those long periods. On this basis, believe Sabean Mandaeans that Adam was the first prophets, and then came the role of his son Seth, then Noah and his son Sam, and then Idris, and after my father the prophets and their grandfather Abraham, and finally the turn of the last prophets of Mandaeans Prophet Yahya bin Zakariya (peace be upon them all ).

 Q 5: But the Prophet Ibrahim (as) was a Muslim?
A: Yes, in the sense he is a Muslim (believer), for the word (Muslim) are contained in the Mandaean, which was owed by Ibrahim (AS), and means (the insured) in Arabic.
Q 6: Did the Prophet Yahya bin Zakaria Sabea mother was a Jew?
A: Yes, he was the Prophet Yahya (p) Sabia, and how to be a prophet of the Sabians, if not the same Sabia!? But it came at a time of quiet in which Judaism and weakened the Alsabih, religion, Mandaean, sent of God (Allah) Prophet Yahya (AS) sincerely Mandaeans particular and humanity in general from the phenomena of corruption and away the subjects of religion and worship of God (Allah) and to restore the true faith to their hearts.
Q 7: Is the Prophet Yahya (p) is the same John the Baptist?
A: Yes is the same. The Prophet Yahya (as) our language is (a handsome Ahana). Ie "John Yahya." The title Balmuammdan after baptized Jesus in the Jordan River, and came to a prophecy by Jesus (p), which is older than him.
Q 8: Is John the Baptist was a disciple of Christ?
A: No, it was not a disciple of Prophet Yahya, Jesus Christ, but there was another person named John the Apostle, one of the disciples of Jesus Christ (p) but not the Prophet Yahya (as) John the Baptist.
Q 9: So you are a Christian sect called the Baptist, is not it?
A: No, because the Sabean Mandaean religion is itself an independent, came before Christianity, and Judaism before, but we also know that we follow John the Baptist as prophets another ... The Mandaeans are the residues that have withstood time of Prophet Yahya and clung Bdyantha and beliefs at the time appeared the Christian, who are themselves from the clinging and stood at the time appeared and strengthened the Jewish before, when the advent of Islam (which is recognized), but despite following some of the new religion (as is the case every time a new show where religion) remain a minority holding wedded to the ability of the Creator (swt) and the wisdom to remain a minority and this has always been a living witness to the authenticity of this religion and the proof of the source and origin of religions.
Q 10: Do you confess the rest of the prophets?
A: Yes, we acknowledge and believe in all prophets who came messages of other celestial prophet Moses and the Prophet Jesus and Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon them all) and we respect their roles and their messages, and consider it from the same source only, the fact that the prophets of the four (Musa and Yahya and Isa and Muhammad) (peace be upon them all) of the same family, originally a family of their grandfather Top Abraham (p).
Q 11: Are there any you have religious books? What name?
A: Yes, we wrote a religious divine, which is in the form of manuscripts Mendaúah, a newspaper of religious and divine messages that revealed to the Prophet Adam, Prophet Seth and Abraham and other prophets, is located within a book key (known as a treasure Lord), in other words, treasure the great , as well as other religious books (Alsidera Adncmatha) and book (Alaniana) and book (Yahya) .. and others ...
 Q 12: Is The Book of Psalms is your book too?
A: No, because the Psalms (Psalms of David), a Jewish book.
Q 13: Are there any of you have your own religious language?
A: Yes, the Mandaean language which is a dialect of Aramaic known.
Q 14: What are the foundations on which to base your religion?
A: The religion of the Mandaean Alsabih five major pillars, namely:
1. Baptism: It is a sacred ritual and distinguishes Alsabih Mandaean religion from the other and is usually by the clergy and running water. The rite of baptism cleanse the soul from sins and the sins for adults. For children Vtbrigadhm mean incomes in the Sabian Mandaean religion and declare their acceptance in it.
2. Prayer: They are making three times per day:
             First: After the emergence of the sun directly.
             Second: Noon.
             Third: Before the sun sets.
And conducted the prayer after washing and wash with water and Tpricat. And on Sunday by a special prayer for holiness.
3. Zakat: and to the poor and the needy, and that her condition is given in secret and without the knowledge of one, and it is said Mendaúaa: -
(If you give your right hand should not be left Trac)
4. Fasting, and this ritual taking place throughout the year and thirty-six days, which do not eat meat, and called this type of fasting, fasting small. The largest fast, it is wrong to refrain from uttering and doing anything wrong or ill-considered or say lies and falsehood and interpretation. The Sabian Mandaean to hold his hand for the commission of murder or theft. Cohabiting couples and not others, or worship of demons and idols, and other taboos.
5. Hajj: the role of the Sabean Mandaean sacred pilgrimage to visit. Has been mentioned by many historians and the Arabs Kalmsaudi Noueiri and others: The first house was the Kaaba, and reminds that the Prophet Idris (pbuh) recommended and recommended that it be a pilgrimage.
And a second home was the port city of Tyre on the coast-Shami in Lebanon, and the house a third was in Damascus where the Umayyad Mosque is currently the fourth house was in Egypt and is named the sun, and the House VI was city of Tyre, Lebanon, on the north coast, and the home seventh was ecstasy, and is the house of Sabean greater, as was mentioned historians. The mention of Ibn Khaldoun in his introduction to the famous (The Al-Aqsa Mosque was the first in his sacred by the Sabians, and they were lifted, the oil in Ikrbunh, Asabonh on the rock that is there and then muffle the temple, and taken the children of Israel, where Mkouha, later kiss them ... ...) but after the double murder and the Sabians and the capture of other faiths to the holy places and their homes, and had long ago left the obligatory pilgrimage to forced.
Q 15: What are your religious faith?
A: First, recognize that the creator of the universe is one God (his name and the giver swimming pool) and one single
No limits to his ability, which is over all things, does not see does not limit, the Queen is not a partner nor an efficient Bsultana him, the Lord of all the angels do not exist without him, nor of anything otherwise .... Eternal has no beginning, and eternal and has no end.
Secondly, we believe in the Hereafter that which one held accountable, there is punishment and reward.
And third, we believe the Prophets and the book.
 And fourth, we believe in spirituality, and God (SWT) created the angels Menzhen righteous to be mediators between him (Him) and the prophets to them what he wants Aohawwa (interpretation) of them and instruct them to do.
Then, V, and we believe the existence of good and evil, light and darkness, as well as the immortality of the soul.
Q 16: Are there any taboos in Dyanatkm?
A: Yes, there are many taboos in our religion, and most important:
Polytheism, adultery, sodomy, murder, and circumcision, theft, swearing, masturbation, lying, and impurity, and injustice, torture, witchcraft, sorcery, and highlight in the running water, and work on Sunday, entering homes of others without permission, crying and slapping on the spirit of the Dead and given that death is right, and change the dates of prayer and ablution in water is Gary, and haircuts, marriage of relatives is very Kalocht and their offspring and the daughter of the wife and brother and their offspring, and the daughter of sister's husband and her offspring, or the marriage of aunt or aunt, and wife brother, paternal uncle, maternal uncle revival or deceased, and deprived of forced marriage, or a combination of the two sisters were alive or one of them is absolutely forbidden and divorce in the Mandaean religion, except in very specific cases such as adultery, illness and infertility, and there are other taboos in the food and drink.
Q 17: What are the taboos eating and drinking?
A: pork and vows, and the flesh of dead animals and pregnant and sick of them, and the flesh of wild animals, birds of prey, and animals covered in body hair, as well as fish that do not happen to have no fins, in addition to the deprived
Eat everything on the slaughter is way Mendaúah, or in the hands of the infidels, and those who worship the stars, planets and constellations, and the campus drinking.
Q 18: Are there any rituals you have religious or sacred rites?
A: Of course, there are many rituals and religious rituals, including the briefly the following:
1. Rites, including marriage and baptism ritual pre-marriage.
2. Rituals of sacrifice or slaughter of animals or birds.
3. Rituals of death and evolution. Here it should be noted that there are ritual meals inherent to these liturgical rites called the meals that concerned Mandaeans special attention to be set up, and these meals accompany religious rites cheerful or sad alike, with the difference that read the prayers. Perhaps the most prominent types of meals, ritual and so-called (b Allovana) any food forgiveness, which is held on the soul of the deceased for his mercy and forgiveness of sins.
Q 19: Christians have a religious name and the name of a civilian, do you have there as well?
A: Yes, it exists here as well, and the religious name is called (Almiloashh) any religious person's name, a name that carried him all the rituals and religious rites.
This name is not chosen randomly or by the person or his parents, but is calculated astronomically by the cleric to use the tower on the birth of the person and fortune, and the percentage for the name of religious mother. Valsabi Mandean if attributed to a religious mother, and his father, a civilian.
 Q 20: We learned that you have and the language of the religious holy books and prophets, but are there for you religious history?
A: Inevitably, a long history rooted in the very beginning of creation and link to our religion that our master Adam, father of human beings, and our prophets as the first, and then continue the long history through time and through the bones of those righteous men, such as:
Seth, and Noah, and Sam, and Idris, and Abraham, and Yahya (peace be upon them all) and the date is Sabean Mandaean religious in four main phases ending each stage of the disaster, a major did not survive with only a woman, man and these stages or roles or times are :
1. Phase I: and start creating Adam and Eve and ends after (216 000) because of the plague years, which were not spared solution Palmamorh not be named (RAM) and a female name (Rudd).
2. Phase II: extended (156 000) years after the disaster occurred the massive fire that ended the human, leaving a man and a woman are (Chorbah and Harbel)
3. Phase III: As long as this stage (100000) a year and ended with the flood that ended the known human has not spared only Noah and his son Sam the Prophet (peace be upon her) and their wives.
Fourth stage: which began after the flood and still yet, and is expected to end in disaster huge fourth which is about hot air and very severe storms, but after more than (112 800) almost a year. We have characterized every stage of these four stages and long
1. Bataúha and its heritage and its history of achievements that can not be mentioned here. But before the end of each stage takes people away from religion, gradually Bmgriaat having fun and pleasures of life, and corruption did not listen to sermons
 Prophets and their vocations, God will send them Tneém deadly disaster. Thus, the reasons attributed Mandaeans solutions such disasters Judge and deadly.
Q 21: It is clear that you religious and ideological history, but Do you have a history of civilization?
A: Yes, despite the deed of time, Vdther a lot, and who did not like their heritage Sabian Mandaean Vhrkoh Aqtpsoh or mutilated, or may, there is still some books and manuscripts which show civilization Mendaúah supports what is referred to the heritage and knowledge. It says in the example in the Encyclopedia of Professor Dr. Christian (Khroshid) in 1934 as follows:
(Kingdom of Sheba was back to the Medes, east of the Red Sea. The people of the Kingdom of Sheba were always calling (Sabean). Came Queen of Sheba from that region, and it was called (Queen of the South) and the Medes and return to the mountains of Media, near the city of Harran, the historic cotton Sabians for a period of long time, which corresponds to the information above ... and other ancient civilizations that ceased to exist and became extinct in Ur and Babylon and Palestine and the good and the Levant, Egypt and others.

 Q 22: Is it featured in your history, the old men of Fame?
A: Yes, and maybe we infer the level of our civilization and label media philosophers and scientists who do not have the space here to enter the contest sciences and knowledge of broad and inclusive, those big names was:
1. Thabit ibn apple (computer and a doctor and philosopher, astronomer and mathematician, translator).
2. Said Abu Sinan bin Thabit: (a doctor and astronomer, observer and architect and philosopher)
3. Abu al-Hasan Thabit ibn Sinan: (a doctor and a wise and historian).
4. Abu Ishaq Ibrahim ibn Sinan: (doctor, writer and sage).
5. Abu Ishaq Ibrahim bin Zahron: (a doctor and scientist, philosopher).
6. Abu Hassan bin Thabit ibn Ibrahim Zahron: (a doctor, scientist, philosopher).
7. Abu Ali ibn Abi Kara: (astronomer and author of The Monitor).
8. Abu Abdullah ibn Jabir ibn Sinan al-Battani (observer, astronomer and author and writer Zij knowledge).
9. Sinan Al-Fath: (computer and mathematical books and author of Mathematics)
10. Abu Ishaq Alsaba: a President Ibrahim bin Hilal bin Ibrahim bin
   Zahron Alsaba Harrani (an eloquent poet and the world of engineering and manufacturer of writing, rhetoric and poetry is known, a close friend of the Sharif Razi, and the friendly correspondence and correspondence abound in the Arab library in the modern era) and many others ...

Q 23: Do you have festivals and religious events?
A: Yes, we have festivals and many religious occasions, including:
1. Holiday Creation: (Braonaya) or the so-called colloquially (Albenjh), and a five-day, believed to be the period which have been rendered land and usually resolved in the early spring of each year, is the Spring Festival as well. And devote days of festivity all creation to worship and baptisms and other rites of other religious and linked to the lives of angels, the Illuminati and Alothren five and they (the inch-reaching, and Hichlam Lord, and the Nabataeans Zewa, and Yuhachar Lord, and Bahram Lord) and each and every one of them a day five days and allows the establishment of rituals in which day and night Unlike the usual practice with the rest of the year that are not allowed to perform religious rituals at night. And the second feature that characterizes these five days is the passage of the die and through which all the religious requirements of death, to the paradise of the account is in the process of cleansing (Almtarathe). During these days also are self-raising ceremony (Almschth) to the world of lights, in addition to the Mandaean families are keen to establish a ritual meal of food forgiveness (Allovana) on the lives of deceased loved ones and their parents, to provide charity of the blessed (Zdakka Bricha)
Golden Gala baptism (Dhvh Fan Sites): One day was the baptism of Adam (p) by the angel (Hebel Zewa). And usually comes at the beginning of summer and of much of the mass baptism Mendaúaan. Great feast (Dhvh Lord): This is also finished the year Mandaean and begin a new year. It starts Eid called Mendaúaa (Kinsa and Zhli) any day sweeping and cleaning, or sometimes translated on the meeting or the meeting, which cleans the house of dust year old and receives the new year, House clean full food and water required for various fruits and seasonal, in order to stay in the house for 36 consecutive hours off without them, and which are the prayers and celebrations within the family home. During the next day which is called (on Alkrsh) for the reasons mentioned the new year begins, which followed three days celebrating the Mandaeans outside and inside the house and are visits during which relatives and friends solve the great feast is usually in the summer during the July / August. After a great feast fast Mandaeans from eating meat for 14 days. There is also a religious explanation for the survival of Sabian 36 hours in their homes, to their belief of the existence of angels Natrh Mendaúaan on the ground ... These are the angels assigned to them Sabean guarded leave earth once per year, to their rise to the sky to give thanks and gratitude, but the evil spirits (Alrōha) remain in the ground taking advantage of the absence of angels Alothren to spoil life on Earth. Since the journey takes 12 hours back and forth 12 hours and 12 hours Mkotha for the meeting, believes the need Mandaeans
1. I'tikaaf celebrating in their homes for a period of 36 hours to avoid the evil which may happen to them outside of their role. This period will be useful for the family to meet and achieve a religious purpose and another socially.
2. Holiday Peace (Hichlam usury), which reflects the advent of peace and love on earth and solve a week after the expiry of the great feast and the feast is to bring pottery called (Train), which placed the types of sweets, fresh fruits, dry and ignite on those vessels candles that stay lit day and night, as well as suspended during this holiday wreaths on the doors of houses Elias expression of joy and celebration of this occasion.
2. Eid small (Dhvh Juneina) and usually comes in the autumn and be a three-day, which also called far-flowers and herbs, which is the anniversary of the return of angel light Sunni (Hebel Zewa) any Gabriel, the Prophet and his brothers Alothrean to the world of light after the completion of their mission to defeat the the forces of evil and darkness, which was dominant on the world of land and create requirements, and for the continuation of Adam (p) for the life of them. And rejoice in the world of light rise of the angel (Hebel Zewa) to it and celebrate Saknoh Ptbrigadh in holy rivers. This is reflected in the celebration on the ground and on the Mandaean community victory, the principles of the light of life and love, and faith tradition is common, a reception the people of this religion, the first day of the festival to provide a breakfast special consisting of Altman and milk (yoghurt) and dates to all visitors and guests, which also means purity of souls and the demise of hatred and grudges between knowledge exploitation for the occasion.
 Q 24: Do you have Mandaean calendar?
 A: We note that the creation of five days of festivity where the land have been rendered. Asked Sabean Mandaeans since made five days this time did not enter it on the grounds that they account for five days separate private land which formed and then began to Calendar. As a result, became the remaining days of the year 360 days ago, Vksmoha 12 months Mandean month was 30 days, thus becoming every twelve months equal. But he missed the expense of the small fraction which is equal to less than a quarter days per year, about 0.2422 days, which make the events and holidays make for a schedule of about one day every four years ago. I have been many invitations from different platforms Mendaúah to calculate the year Mandaean more accurately for the clearance of this slight difference, but, alas, that these calls did not find a collective response, so far, and the difficulty of the subject. But we find that our books Mandaean has proven much harder than that, that is, calculate the age of the world that was mentioned earlier. For the calendar Mandean current, which takes the birth of Prophet Yahya (AS), which is six months before the birth of Jesus (AS), a calendar year for him, a calendar is not accurate, and prefers to take from one of the historical stages the four calendar, and more likely to be the birth of Adam (p) as the first prophets of Sabean Mandaeans. If we take the creation of Adam from the beginning of the calendar Mandean, it means that we are now in
(474 610) "Mandaean" This does not mean never to take as a reference after ascertaining the exact amount of time since the creation of Adam and yet, note that it is installed in the book (treasure Lord) any treasure great, knowing that Santana starts, as is well known, Day 1 / April ... On this basis, possible to correct the accounts to see Calendar Sabian Mandaean flour, taking the number (0.2422) into consideration with reference to accounts installed in the treasure the great and the Code above, and this I believe is a shared responsibility lies with the intellectuals of the Sabians, scholars, as well as clergy to perform the required correction, because Calendar current approach, which is the Gregorian calendar plus (6) months, is incorrect.
Q 25: Do you accept your religion enter into it from other religions?
 A: No, it is not possible, because the Sabian Mandaean religion is a missionary religion,
The closed doors of entry, in order to maintain the purity and originality ... That explains a few of his followers, what he describes as a peaceful religion because it poses no danger to any other religion, or compete with other religions in terms of their followers to gain ranks.
                           ** Finished **